Content Creation

Don’t Be a Turkey.

Website visitors usually don’t go to a business site so they can do the owner a favor. They’re in it for themselves, often to find a solution to a problem.

Here’s an example: say a fairly web-savvy person is in need of a Thanksgiving turkey. He wants to buy this turkey from a local farm rather from the super-mega grocery store down the street. This person has limited time (the in-laws are on the way), so he needs this turkey fast.Is your web copy a turkey?

Enter the Google search. Much to his dismay, most local farms in his area have very poor websites. He can forgive them for the poor straight-from-1999 design, but what he really cares about is:

  1. Does this farm have turkeys available?
  2. How are these turkeys treated and fed?
  3. How much will one cost?

If this info isn’t front and center on the website or the navigation menus don’t intuitively lead to the turkey page, what will this turkey hunter do?

He’ll go back to Google and find another farm, a farm with clearly written and strategically structured content. And suddenly the turkey farmer with the poorly planned content loses an easy sale.

Content Is King.

Without organized, well-structured, polished content, even the best website design is merely decoration.

We prefer that all web projects begin with content. Some clients want to tackle writing the copy themselves, and that’s fine. But understand that copywriting is hard work. It’s hard, important work, and Hoelscher Creative is happy to guide you through the process of writing, editing, and proofreading your text. We can help you edit and optimize your photos and videos. But most of all we will build a solid foundation for your content, so that your website doesn’t turn into a turkey.

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