INTECaec Website

Architecture, Construction, Engineering
“Hoelscher Creative was a great find for us. Wolf Hoelscher was originally slated just to do the site building but in the end he seamlessly provided a design we liked, built a unique functionality that was important to us and provided good business advice helping us narrow down how the site should work to impress our particular blend of clients. The work they provided was complete, bugs were minimal and resolved, it works on all platforms, we can maintain 95% of it ourselves in-house and the project was affordable. I am happy to recommend Hoelscher Creative for your project.”

In terms of functionality, this website was our most advanced and our most enjoyable to code. Not only did we give this Maryland architectural, engineering, and construction firm the capability to add and edit their own portfolio pieces and content, but we custom built plugins such as a client logo scroller at the top of their about page and a project map that dynamically imported project locations into the display. They wanted a design that conveyed simplicity, functionality, and elegance, much like the buildings showcased on the site itself.