Wolf’s Story

Wolf Hoelscher, Website Designer

Wolf Hoelscher, Web Consultant

It’s been a wild ride.

Less than a decade ago, I was editing and writing children’s books. Now I get immense joy from designing and coding websites in Hendersonville, NC.

One thing has remained consistent, though. I still love telling stories. Stories matter and especially so in this crazy online world we now live in.

My story is not extraordinary.

Like so many other people in 2008, I lost my job to cutbacks. I went from a dream job as a senior editor with a great publishing company to unemployment and a three-month-old son.

Still, life was good. I was suddenly free to build my own skills and explore my own interests. I discovered a love for writing marketing copy. I met with other small businesses and learned about how they got their starts and why they were so passionate about what they were offering the world.

WordPress was a game changer.

For me, when I discovered WordPress, it lit a spark in me. I’ve always been a computer nerd, but now — here was this open-source software that let anyone become their own publisher. Not only could I harness this power for myself, I could help other companies share their stories online, whether that was through words, beautiful portfolio images, or an original custom design.

To me, website design and online marketing are not so different from making books. Just as a good book requires great writing and an eye-catching cover, a successful site benefits from strong copy and a pleasing design. Good books are hard to put down. Good websites are difficult to leave. And boy, does Google love that.

So tell me your story. I will be happy to help you share it.

− Wolf

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