Firefox Now Says No to Adobe Flash. So Should You.

If you use Adobe Flash on your site, it immediately tells your visitors that you’ve abandoned ship, that you once cared about your online image, but now you’ve let your site sit on the couch for years watching Dr. Phil, hoping somehow, magically, as if it could do it all by itself, that it would get up off its butt and earn its keep. False.

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Block Semalt from Your Google Analytics Data

My encounter with Semalt last year proves how important it is to not only stay on top of your Google Analytics metrics but to dig deeper than just your website’s overall traffic numbers. In fact you should never leave a serious Google Analytics session without gaining a sense of: Where your traffic is coming from. (Referrals) How long… Read more »

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Tis the Season…for Forgetting How to Breathe

I’ve spent a good chunk of 2014 splitting my time between building client websites and rebranding. Switching over to Hoelscher Creative from Bull’s-Eye Marketing was a major undertaking, larger in fact, than I’d anticipated. Needless to say, it was quite a challenge to that old work-life balance idea. But now, as the year comes to a… Read more »

A Stylesheet Is “Your” Marketing Friend

I was in the publishing industry for many years, much of it as a senior editor. But I still have problems with “you’re” and “your.” For some reason when I’m writing something like a blog post, particularly when I’m writing quickly, something misfires in my brain, and I confuse them. “They’re” and “their” still get… Read more »

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Are you too much of a social-media extrovert?

One of the primary purposes of using social media (and blogs) for business marketing is to show potential customers that there’s a human being behind your logo. But as a result, the line between professional and personal interactions with your customers has blurred. And sometimes displaying too much of your personality can seriously backfire on… Read more »

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5 Reasons Why I Love Copywriting

Okay, I’ll admit that my first true love is fiction writing and that it’s hard to compare anything to the satisfaction and joy I get from spinning a good yarn. But copywriting comes in as a close second and here’s why: Metrics. Though my math skills in school were far from exceptional, I love statistics…. Read more »