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WordPress websites are becoming commonplace. Roughly 25% of all websites are now powered by this content management system. That’s no surprise to us because we’ve been using WordPress to power our sites since 2007.

Why? Simply because it empowers our clients. A CMS gives website owners the ability to customize their web content without writing code, and now that Google and other search engines are more interested in fresh content than keywords or other SEO tricks, updating the text and images on your site is crucial to getting found.

And that’s what we want to help you do. We believe that your business story will attract visitors to your site. Why not use a tool that gives you the power to become your own publisher? A tool with a huge community built around it, with nearly unlimited functionality and design options.

Whether you’re a construction company, book publisher, or some other small-to-mid-sized company, you have a story. Hoelscher Creative will help you share it — with a WordPress website.

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